Some of my favorite features of are the simple controls users have for each map’s canvas. These simple controls are located in a drop down menu accessed by clicking the Map Canvas carrot. Toggles switches in this menu allow users to take greater control of each canvas. The images below explore each of the options in this menu set.

How to access Map Canvas Options Video


 Map Controls – Hides Google Maps Buttons (Map Canvas 1 off / Map Canvas 2 on)

 Synchronize Maps – Maps are independent in movement North, South, East West (Zoom is still synced until turned off)


 Synchronize Zoom – Map canvas zoom is independent for users to look at the same place a different scales


 Boundary Layer – Turns off administrative boundaries (Map Canvas 1 off / Map Canvas 2 on)


 Labels/Icons – Turns off all labels and icons (Two images at different scale showing use cases)



Map Canvas 1 – Boundary Off | Map Canvas 2 – Labels/Icons Off

Map Canvas 1 – Labels/Icons Off | Map Canvas 2 – Labels/Icons On

 Road Layer – Toggles On/Off roads Layer (Map Canvas 1 off / Map Canvas 2 on)


 Legend – Toggles Legend when map is chosen (Important for smaller screens)


 Drawing Tools – Hides drawing tools located on the bottom right of each canvas (Often used in conjunction with Map Controls to hide all maps tool except “Search”)


Use the “Refresh Icon” to the right of “Drawing Tools” to clear all points, lines, and polygons

 Elevation Tools – Turn on “Elevation Tools” and click two points on map to get elevation chart