Wow! I have not had a three weeks like that in awhile. Fortunately, creating has opened up professional development opportunities that I never thought, early in my teaching career, I would get. In the past three weeks, I have used cars, planes, trains, buses, and my own two feet to get from Austin to Mountain View, North Austin to South Austin, and Austin to Corpus Christi. During our district’s teacher professional development day my new principal presented his vision of professional development as, “a focus on continuous improvement” with, “individualized professional development.” My individualized professional development these past three weeks included a Top Contribute meetup at Google in Mountain View, an Austin area technology conference, a campus staff development, and finally a Texas social studies conference.

I feel so inspired listening to other teachers and professionals about their successes. In addition, I love sharing activities and lessons learned from my experiences. That stated, my ongoing inspiration for the past 10 months or so are the #worldgeochat every Tuesday night at 8:00 central.  This community if very welcoming that helps inspire, create new ideas, and gives me the opportunity to reflect on my own pedagogy.

There are many challenges in teaching these days. However, this is a great profession that I wish more could experience. As mentioned earlier this week, not all our lessons are great, or even good. But nothing is more rewarding, nothing gives greater joy than a lesson or unit that progresses the development of our students. Those days are the best and made possible by the professional experiences of the past and present.


**the 360 image above is me practicing my craft. Has little to do with the post…; just more for my own development.**