In last week’s post “” readers learned how to select and load hundreds of maps curated for Since that post, and in the spirit of the holidays, I have been posting my own Twelve Map Comparisons of Christmas. (#12MapComparisonsOfChristmas) Below is the list and media for these 12 out of thousands of spatial comparisons that can be made with

1. 1492 – Behaim with 2016 Google Maps

2. Connectivity with Human Development Index

3. Seafloor Age with Tsunami events since 2000 B.C.

4. Sea Surface Salinity with Sea Surface Density

5. Lowest with Highest points on Earth’s land (not exact, but close enough)

6. Sea Surface Temperatures January with July (Check out Caspian Sea)

7. Precipitable Water January with August (Check out the monsoons of South Asia)

8. Seasonal Change: Blue Marble with Land Temperature

9. Oil Exports with Petroleum Consumption

10. Cropland Density with Pastureland Density

11. Labor Percent Agriculture with Gross Domestic Product (per capita)

12. Population Density and Earth at Night

Bonus Holiday (Easter) Eggs